Mar 17, 2010

"Just saying hello" card

 Just a simple card. Can be used as a Birthday card, get well soon etc. Enjoy!
**Please don't mind the [wrong] date on the pictures...trying to get that fixed!!**

Materials needed for this card:
  • Strong paper, measured 3x3
  • Ribbon- long enough for tying a knot
  • 3 buttons (preferably matching your ribbon)
  • Marker or gel pens
 Step 1:
Position your ribbon at the end of the card
Tie it so that it looks like a cross

and then tie it in a knot. If it is long, you can snip off the edges.

This is what it should look like:
Step 3:
Grab your buttons and super glue them (you can also use dimentionals, or anything else you have to keep them on your card.) across your this:
Last Step:
Write (wherever you want, really) "Just saying Hello" or any other saying you'd like with a marker/gel pen (etc.)
Hope you enjoyed!


Julia Lynne said...

that is really cool! i'd have to try that sometime. :)

tywo said...

This is the loveliest post I have read today.


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Amber Noella
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