Jun 11, 2010

"What's Cookin'?" pop up card

I found this great card making book at the library and this was one of my favorites! It's super easy to make, and great for the cooks of the house!

To start, you'll need the following:

-1 piece of cardstock
-1 piece of copy paper
-Scrapbook or pattern paper
-Glue tape or craft glue
-Permanent marker

one. Fold your cardstock in half. With your copy paper, do the same. When you open it up, fold the bottom half into the middle. Turn it around and fold it according to the crease. Fold it again and then turn it over for the last turn. (This is like an accordion fold)
two. draw (with pencil 1st) the stove/cabinet into the center of the copy paper. Apply paper glue or glue tape to the underside of the copy paper (ONLY on the top and bottom flaps) and attach them on the cardstock.

three. when you open it up, it should pop out of the picture! You then want to add any kind of scrapbook paper for the rug window etc.
I cut a piece of cardstock for the oven, and glued at little piece of the bottom to the page. It acts as an oven door and I put a little message inside.

You can add optional things such as cookie sheet stickers, or your own embellishments .
Hope you enjoyed!


-Bess- said...

Too cute! Love this idea!

Maggie said...

How cute! I have never seen anything like that.


joyofdawn said...

Great idea!

Abigail and Lydia said...

I found your blog through Morgan Coy's and it's really cool! Your so creative! That's a cute card!

Maddy said...

I just found your blog and I am so glad I did! You are so creative! That card it great!

I hope your day is sweet,

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