Aug 9, 2010

Homemade Magnets

My little cousin will be starting 6th grade which! Yay! So I told her I'd be makin' her some cute magnets.
To start, you could use, literally, anything:
-Old Guitar Picks
-Jewelry Pieces
-Caps to drinks (ex: old coke bottles, snapple, etc)

& magnets that they sell anywhere (they are specifically for projects like this.)
Here are a few I've made:

Obviously, you could use these on your fridge, or a magnetic lamp, etc. I love these because they are more me.

Happy Crafting ; )


Riah said...

Love the idea. Btw your thumbtack "thing" looks like a type pincushion for strait pins :)

Shelley said...

Very creative! They look great! I would put them in my locker! :)

Anonymous said...

Very creative! Oh, and I love, LOVE your header picture!

Maggie said...


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