Sep 10, 2010

Wondrous Butterfly.

I found these adorable butterflies for decoration at Michael's & found a place for them in my room!
I have this little frame thing from Chronicles Bookstore that hangs on the wall & that has Psalm 19:14 on it.

Recently I've been having a 'thing' for butterflies. And I almost forgot, yesterday me & my mom saw a black widow. Eeek!
But, back to butterflies, I recently wrote a poem about them & thought I'd share:

Wonderous Butterfly.
Floating is my way around,
It's simply all I do.
Then on this day I heard a sound,
And saw a place that's new.

There I flew without a twitch,
My signs were surely one;
And then behold a twinkling light
My wondrous flight begun!

You could go here, to read more of my [sometimes meaningless] poems :)

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joyofdawn said...

Meaningless poems.
Oh, Amber I like your poetry! Butterflys are wonderous, I like them too. :)
Micheal's is a Great store. I go there and fall into dream world. =D

Amber Noella

Amber Noella
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