Apr 19, 2010

"Just a Note" card

Hey! Sorry its been a while since I've made something. Busy bee, that's me!
Okay, so today I thought I would continue making some cards.
Today's card is simple and neat. I think you'll notice that this blog's creations are fairly easy..{well let's hope so!}

Okay, to start, you'll need these supplies:

 What I have here is:
-Different buttons (size and color)
-Card stock (cut into my desired size)
-Any kind of stamp
-Glue tape
-You'll also need a glue gun to glue on the buttons
I just ran my glue tape across one part of the paper, and attached my ribbon. I then glued on the buttons with a hot glue gun. After that, I simply added my stamp.
Seriously....3 steps. Easy or what?!

Where to get what:
Glue tape--Staples, Wal Mart, or any craft store
Ribbon--Pretty sure you can find ribbon anywhere. I got mine for $1.00 at Michaels.
Stamp--again, Michale's. GO THERE! It was only $1.00
Card Stock--Staples sells it.
Buttons--every button I own has come from a shirt! Ha ha, you can honestly use anything!

Hope you enjoyed!


Grace said...

What a cute card! :D Great idea!



Joy of Dawn said...

Don't you love Micheals clearence rack! I think they are the best part of the store...although I like to look around. :)
I love the ribbon runing down the side of the card! I never thought to use buttons before. I'll have to dig some up!

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