Apr 21, 2010

Summer Inspired

In "honor" of my upcoming trip (just one more day!!!) to California, and considering we may visit the ocean, I figured I would need somethin' to put my sea shells in (dry ones of course). So I made this:

It took about 15 minutes because I hand sewed it....but I love it!

About this trip, I am SO excited! My grandma & I will be traveling (by TRAIN!). The ocean is my favorite place to be (although I've only been there twice *ahem*), but there's something about this place that makes me long for more the minute I step on that plane (or in this case, the minute I step on the train).
Of course, I love going to the ocean when there's hardly anyone there (which I'm sure is rare) because a crowded beach is not fun. At all. But about 2 years ago, this one beach was pretty empty, and it was total bliss. It was peaceful, quiet; the sun wasn't all in my face; it was breezy; I LOVed this place.

I love collecting {real} shells fresh from the sand, hence the adorable little pouch as in the pictures above. Hope you enjoyed!

Anyway, sorry about my {non-crafting} rambles! Just had to get it outta my system I guess.

P.S. I will be posting more about my trip on my personal blog {and if you've never been there, click HERE to visit!}


Emily said...

Where would you be in CA?!
It would be awesome if we could meet.
we are in the Los Angeles area.

richelle jean said...

hehe this is TOO cute.


Me said...

Oh, fun!!!

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