Jul 24, 2010

Too many thumb tacks?

Did I hear a ' yes '? Hopefully, because this post is for the ones who did!
Obviously I am the one w/ too many thumb tacks otherwise I probably wouldn't be posting this :) So, lets get to it!

If you're like me (again, if your reading this, you are) then you have so many thumb tacks & no where to put em', am I right? So I came up with this awesome organizing thing. (I officially don't really have a name for it).

Okay, so all you need is some fabric, polyfil (or pillow stuffing), thread & needle.
Cut a circle any size depending on how many tacks you have (!), I wouldn't use fabric that's too strong, or, ya know, thick. Fill it with stuffing, & then sew up the bottom. Stick your tacks in & Voila!

WARNING: Do not poke yourself.


Josie said...

Oh! Love it! Name:hmmmm. A "Puck" it looks awfully like a hockey puck. :) Love your header ;)

Shelley said...

Hey! I'm a new follower and I love your blog! I am creative and crafty too, so your blog really interests me! :)

carlotta said...

wonderful idea! i, too, have far too many thumbtacks.

Whitney said...

thank you for the comment!
I couldn't decide which blog of yours to go to...you have quite a few! But...a blog title with 'creative' and 'daisy' in it...was sure to be a good one.
And I stand...correct!
So cute!

AmyK said...

So it's like a pincushion but for tacks instead?! Woohoo! I've got wayyyy too many tacks. I bought some a while back, forgot about them, then bought more, and then bought a pack of the other kind, and THEN found the ones I had forgotten about. And theeeen found ones I've had for years and years that I thought I'd lost.

P.W. said...

Wow!! I love how creative you are! It's so cool and unique. I love doing crafty stuff too. I like this blog. :]

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