Aug 14, 2010

Journals for your writings...

Personal Journals 
"A journal is not only a record of our spiritual growth; it is a road map and traveler's logbook that show where we are on our journey and where we are headed. It's a recording of where we've wandered, the starting and stopping places, the scenery along the route, and how far we've traveled." (A Woman's Walk With God by Sheila Cragg)

Your Own Writings
Poetry, short stories, songs, all of which I'd prefer to type. But when I got a journal to start recording these treasureable writings in, everything became even more treasureable.

Prayer Journals
Prayer journals are wonderful for this. I found some ideas such as
~Record your prayers
~Prayer reminders 
~Thoughts, etc.

Quote Journals
Write em all down! Write quotes from books, bloggers, famous people, family, anyone!

For Your Future Husband
So if you are in the waiting process of life, I would encourage you to start writing letters to your future husband (if you're not doing so already). It will give him a look at your life before you met, and it tells him you're thinking about him :)

Journals are great & fun to keep.
What kinds of journals do you have?


AmyK said...

I love journals.
And visual journals, too :)

Anna Olivia said...

I love journals/journaling. I regret, though, that I haven't kept one consistently since I was 10 -- um, wow, that was a long time ago. =/

Sophie said...

I love journals too! I used to keep a really consistent one, but I don't anymore.

bella said...

I love journals! I have like 9 of them right now :)

One is for prayers, one has all my favorite quotes, one has important moments in my life where God showed me something, one has prayers for my husband (which I have been writing since before I knew he would be my husband!), one has poems I've written, one had things God has told me through Bible verses and dreams, and one has stories from when Jacob and I were still dating. I can't remember what the others are for but I love journals!

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