Oct 15, 2010

Art & Trees. But mostly art.

Wow, I love to be inspired! 
Lately it's like my mind has taken on a new meaning of it, & of beauty. On our drive home this evening, I got to sit & discover little details along the long hidden roads. We though "Should we go through the free way, or the quite cottage housed way?" I'm sure you guess we took the latter.
I've been inspired by the trees. Especially the large ones. And oh! The Willows!
There is also a long narrow road when you look to the side, and along that narrow road are tall big trees on both sides. There are at least 10 trees on each side, lined up perfectly. Hopefully I'll get a picture soon!
And art has been my new thing. 
Art like this, I've been lovin':

All of her work can be purchased here, or read upon here, or watched here. [Which I recommend watching because she's quite funny]

So me & Mom have boughten (ok, not a word) paints & brushes, & canvases, & I love it!
So yeah, I can get pretty inspired.
Which brings me to my other topic! I think I want to be an art teacher. I want to inspire the little ones (which I know you don't need to become a teacher to do that) but I love art! Of all kinds! And I guess it's a good dream for me.
So tell me, what inspires you?

P.S. If you like the art above, I REALLY recommend visiting her sites. Especially her videos! She's a doll. [And she makes them too ;]
And I'll leave you with one last picture :)


joyofdawn said...

Oh, Oh! Show us some of your painting!
I've always loved to draw, since I was a wee thing. Painting has never been a strong point but I still like to play with it.
I always wanted to be a teacher. Then I kind of lost the dream. Until I discovered that I could teach just not the way I originally thought I would.
An art teacher is what I had originally planned because i love it so. However it seems I've gotten obsessed with writing. So now I'm teaching a writing class to homeschool students. I haven't got a degree and I'm not really even that good but I am enouraging children and that is what I wanted.
Do teach art! Because you have the right movive. Inspire them, my friend!

Kristina said...

These photos are so whimsical and fun...love them!
Kristina J.

Amber Noella

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