Dec 13, 2010

Decorating With Nature!

I'm definitely a nature gal, & now I am happy to say that I think I'll be decorating the house with it!
Our Christmas tree is sorta woodsy with crannberries, pine cones & fake snow.
I thought that would be a great theme for this years' decorations.
Pine cones, rocks, leaves, branches, cinnamon sticks -- it's all included!

Here are a few inspiration photos (not mine):

(I think that's rice!)
Here are some ideas I came up with:
(Go outside & pick up some earthy things. Even apartments have rocks & trees you can get things from.)

Clip the ends of dead branches, & put them in a vase or pot.

Pick up some mini vases or glasses (even use jam jars!) at the Dollar Store or a craft store, & fill with rocks, pine cones, needles of the pines, or leaves.

Put some pine cones or these big woody chips in a basket & add a candle in the middle. I also added some fake cranberry stick things!

I also added some pine cones to this!

Glue rocks together in the form of a circle & place a tea light candle in it! The hot glue I used dried quick so hurry! Also, be careful when handling it, as it tends to fall apart easily =)

My work station =)

Sorry for the bad pictures!
Stay tuned for some more homemade remedies!

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