Dec 17, 2010

Gift ideas!

I was so excited when I finally figured out (with prayer!) what I was going to get people for Christmas.

I know Christmas is next week, but I thought I'd do a last minute list of things you can do. They're a mix of what I'm doing & just raw ideas:

-Root beer bottle cap picture magnets. (Tutorial coming soon!) for the one who loves keeping pictures on the fridge.
-A box of goodies -- you can do a theme. If someone likes beauty products, then that's pretty self explanitory. Maybe they love to write letters, you could give them a cutely decorated box with new stationary.
-A jar of nuts & chocolate chips for the late night snacker (ahem..a.k.a. my Mom =)
-For the one who loves health food -- you could get them a basket of fresh pomagranets, lemons, avocados, or whatever!
-You could do a theme of their favorite subject:
For the one who loves science, buy some cool rocks & maybe a science book about stars & planets.
For the one who loves history -- Do some research! Maybe they love learning about American heros. Get them books on the subject. Maybe they like geography & the history of places. Get them a wall map or a globe.
For the one who loves english -- Maybe its writing. Buy them a journal & some neat pens. Maybe they love the old English.....books!
For the one who love math...(um...yeah) -- maybe a new calculator? haha, be creative with that one!

-Homemade goodies! Bake, bake, bake! And don't forget the cute boxes, jars, & tags =)
-For the one who love to paint -- get them a box or basket of art goodies. They have mini canvases at craft stores!

I understand that a lot of us are on a tight budget & can't be buying all this great suff! I know I can't. But hopefully this helped you sprout ideas. If you can't buy that math wiz a new calculator, buy or make them a pencil case for all those mathamatical pencils!
If you can't be investing in globes & wall maps, then (if you're up for the challenge) make a poster of a certain place (state, country, city, etc) and research that place. Draw or paint it on & write some neat facts. It can be a wall hanging or something!

I really hope this helped!
Stay tuned for a really yummy Christmas recipe & a tutorial =)

All photos found here =)


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Awesome ideas!!! Thanks for sharing. :)


Anna Olivia said...

Oooh, nice ideas!*!*! =)

joyofdawn said...

I loved the diffrent pictures of boxes. They are all so crafty! I made some boxes this year but those are just great!

{Far From Perfect} said...

You are so creative!!! Love these. Love you!

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