Feb 11, 2011

Fly me to the moon!

The moon was incredible yesterday against the blue sky.

What a beauty!
I want to go there so bad! Don't you?


Antonia said...

It's incredible how you can see the structure of the moon's surface in the second picture. I love it!

Anna Olivia said...

HOW beautiful!!!!

S and O said...

So pretty!
I looks like snow dust...if you ever get a lift there, I'll tag along :D

Grace said...

I love the moon! :D Great pictures Amber!

Hey, I responded back to your comment on my photography blog with a couple questions of my own that I'm very excited to hear! I love learning about out of the state visits! Someday I want to go put of states-- so fun! 8)

Have a beautiful day! <3 :)

Amber Noella

Amber Noella
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