May 19, 2011

Fashion Inspiration

Well whadaya know...
Amber is back!

I thought I'd share some of my inspiration with ya. Lately, I haven't at all been inspired to create...anything! Even my wardrobe. But I want to start again!
Here's some of what's inspired me:

It's a little bold, but I toooootally would wear this! Plus, I'm lovin the peacock feather on the skirt.
To me, this speaks wild adventure! She looks like she's about to totally go on an adventure. Maybe a new expedition to France? Or..Portugal? Lovin' the long hair!

Now this is totally boho right here! Love this style. Especially the jewelry.

Yes, sadly that is all. But which one is your favorite? I also love that they are modest.
p.s. no clue where I got these pictures but I don't claim them to be mine!!


Leah said...

I love the 2nd one! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the green maxi skirt at the top. Also I love the way the long sleeved top and scarf make it adapt the often hit and miss summers we have here in the UK. The green in a lovely colour, it reminds me of the (not so modest) dress in Atonement.

Jules(: said...

I love all these outfits! Right now I'm obsessed with wearing skinny jeans, sandals, bombers, and a hippie headband! lol. (: I love your style.

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