Jun 13, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

There's something about long hair...

 Beautiful in a braid.

I can just picture women of the Bible--the women of character and inner beauty. The women who let their hair grow and their faces probably radiated.

Of course, these women don't exactly fit the picture in my mind of such women & I can't quite find one online...

But I wish I were an artist so I can paint the picture I'm trying to paint. (Literally!)
There's something about long hair, and I want to grow mine out! It's so feminine & lovely. And I don't think it's "wrong" for a woman to have short hair. It's beautiful, too.

I think I'll try to paint that picture in the best way I can.
If not on a canvas, than maybe in a poem or story.
Stay tuned!

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Joan Ark said...

Keep doing what you're doing!

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Amber Noella

Amber Noella
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